Saber Feedback Documentation

Feedback Categories

By default, when feedback is submitted through Saber it can be one of 4 categories: Question, Problem, Suggestion or Other.

You can choose which of these categories is available for selection, and in which order they are displayed in your website’s Feedback Categories section in the Saber control panel:

Feedback Categories List

Choosing which categories are available

By default, all categories are active, meaning they will be available for selection when giving feedback through Saber. If you’d like to stop any categories being available for use, simply click its Deactivate Button. You can also re-activate categories at any time.

Changing categories sort order

You can move a category up and down the list by clicking the corresponding up/down arrow in the Sort column. The new sort order will automatically be shown when giving feedback.

Custom Feedback Categories

Subscribers to the Corporate Plan can also create custom feedback categories, as well as edit and delete existing ones.

Important: When you are on your Saber free trial, you have access to all the Corporate plan functionality, including custom feedback categories. If you then go on to sign up to the Bootstrap or Startup plan, any new categories you created will be removed, and changes to default categories will be reverted.

Creating new categories

To create a new feedback category, click the Add New Category button at the top right of the categories page, which will take you to the new category form:

New Feedback Category

The name, icon and colour fields are required, you can also optionally add name translations.

Editing categories

Subscribers to the Corporate plan will also have an edit button next to the deactivate button when viewing the list of feedback categories. This button will allows you to modify the name, icon, colour, and translations of both the default categories, as well as any custom one’s you have created.

Feedback Categories List with edit

Deleting categories

Subscribers to the Corporate plan have the option of deleting categories. A Delete button will appear next to the Activate button for any deactivated categories.

Note: You can only delete categories that have already been deactivated.