Saber Feedback Documentation

Trello Integration

Trello Integration user OAUTH to connect with your Trello account. Click the Connect to Trello button:

Trello Integration Stage 1

You will then be asked to allow Saber to connect to your Trello account:

Trello Integration Stage 2

Click the big green Allow button. You’ll now be able to set up your Trello integration:

Trello Integration Stage 3



This allows you to define the title of the Trello cards submitted through Saber. If the title contains {{summary}}, this will be replaced with a summary of the feedback reports description. See Feedback Summary for more details.



Here you can choose in which board you would like Saber to create cards.



Here you can choose in which list within the board specified above you would like Saber to create cards.

Test Settings

All integrations include a test button, which allow you to check the options you’ve specified are working correctly. Clicking the Test Settings button will send a sample feedback report using the data from the form to your Trello account.

Clicking test settings does not save the integration, you will still need to click the Save once you are happy with settings.